Build a Culture of Learning and High Performance

Developing L&D strategies that improve performance.

We can help you to shape a learning strategy that supports business objectives, delivers real impact and builds a culture of learning and high performance.

How we can help develop your L&D strategy


We'll help you to develop a complete L&D strategy and infrastructure that supports your business objectives and drives performance through your people. Great for small and medium businesses looking to invest in their L&D.


We'll get under the skin of your business and identify the friction and barriers which are stopping your people from performing at their best. We'll help you to prioritise your efforts and find patterns of need across the business. 


There is far more to great L&D than face to face training. We'll help you develop a strategy that makes learning collaborative, social, digital and scalable. 


Your learning technology can make or break your L&D strategy. We'll advise you on different types of technology and ultimately help you choose the right tech for you and your business. 


We'll work with you to create competency frameworks and career paths to help your people understand what is expected of them in their roles and how they can progress. We'll then evaluate the data to find capability gaps to inform learning needs and your talent strategy. 


We'll help you to develop a communication strategy that will drive engagement in learning, knowledge sharing and collaboration.

Project-Based Leadership Development

A Leadership Programme That Brings Commercial Value To Your Business.

Our project-based leadership programmes take a real world problem or opportunity from your business or market and turn it into an opportunity for your leaders to collaborate, learn and grow while bringing your business tangible benefits. 

We start our process by gathering data to understand what capabilities and behaviours we need to focus on throughout the programme. 

Next, we work with you to find a viable project to base our programme around. This could be a new opportunity the business has yet to explore or a challenge or problem your business needs to solve. 

We then design an immersive programme which brings the benefits of social learning through collaboration and knowledge sharing, experiential learning through solving real problems and theoretical learning through the introduction and exploration of concepts aligned to the different stages of the project. 


Psychometric Testing


Personality and behavioural profiling has become ever popular in organisations and can lead to improvements in: 

  • Cross-functional working
  • Project work 
  • Recruitment and selection
  • Collaboration 

We are accredited to use both C-Me Behavioural Profiling and Insights Discovery and offer this in a number of formats: 

  • Built into Leadership and Management development programmes
  • Team building / effectiveness sessions
  • Individual reports 
  • Reports during the recruitment process